The NIS Art Club aims to develop every student to be visually literate and to appreciate Art. Being visually literate, Students observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. They are also able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals. Students will recognize the relevance of art in their lives. Discussing and learning about artworks made by different people provide avenues to develop our students understanding of cultures and different ways of thinking.

NIS Dance club helps to equip students with the fundamental principles of dance training and performance, to engage students in physical dance training and to educate them with broad understanding and knowledge of the social cultural context of dance and performance. It is not just dance routines that NIS aims to master but also forming close bonding and long-term friendships with our fellow students. In the dance club family, students learn to be respectful of others, considerate for others, persevere in hardship, have confidence in own self and to be open-minded to accept new ideas and differences.



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