“Tell me and I’ll Forget, Show me and I may not remember, Involve me and I’ll understand”

Noble International School designs and implements its own curriculum within the frame work of CBSE syllabi and tries to ensure that the students and their teachers have as much flexibility as possible to foster child centred learning. Noble follows CBSE CCE Pattern within which flexibility of methodology and the use of experiential learning systems are strongly encouraged. This helps eliminate the need to learn by meaningless rote and develop a healthy and positive attitude towards learning. Our system of evaluation takes into account the individualities of different children to provide adequate feedback on the student's learning without putting undue pressure. As the child progresses through the classes, the assessment is gradually modified to prepare them for self-motivated learning as well as external tests and competitive exams.

English will be taught as the core language and it will be the only medium of instruction for all subjects apart from Languages. The curriculum is designed in a way to develop high proficiency in English. More specifically it stresses both fluency and accuracy. Learning traditional grammar is delayed for later years of elementary school, that is, after the students have developed communicative competence.

Accuracy would develop naturally as a result of exposure to better models of English. Also students can select an additional language from a list of Languages. Subjects like General Science, Social studies, Mathematics are taught through engaging activities. Digital boards and multi-media classrooms facilitate real-like exposure to students.

Sports and Physical activities training and art, music and dance classes help students bring out the best from their natural talents.

Co-curricular activities are given equal importance as that of curricular activities at NIS.

NIS provides a plethora of co-curricular activities for its students.
In addition to these, every student is encouraged to participate in the school assembly, Inter and Intra school competitions in sports, performing arts and literary competitions.

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