Is the school licensed by Supreme Education Council, Qatar?
Yes. Both the school and Kindergarten are duly licensed by SEC and has safety Certification from Civil Defense Department, Qatar.

How is the academic year of the school and summer holidays?
School academic year starts on the first working day of April and ends on 25th March the following year. Summer holidays are from 26th June to 08th September.

What is the minimum age required to join Kindergarten1?
The child should have completed 3 years to 31st March.

Is the child required to be present in the school at the time of admission?
Child and both the parents are required to meet the concerned wing head at least once before completing the admission procedure.

Does the school provide early drop off and late pick back facility for students?
Yes, KG students can be dropped off from 6.00 am and can stay till 1.30 pm without additional charges and till 4.00 pm with additional charges.

When does the admission start for each academic year?
Registrations for admission start right from the New Year. Admissions start from 1st February and completed in the end of March to start classes on the first working day of April. A few admissions are done during the first week of September subject to the availability of seats.

What are the documents required for admission?
The copy of passport and Resident Permit needed for both parents and the child. Copy of child’s birth certificate and vaccination card and two photographs are also required. These are to be submitted along with the filled in application form which will be provided from the office upon payment of registration fee QR100.

Will the father or mother be permitted to accompany the child in Nursery for a few days initially?
Mothers or Fathers are not allowed inside the classroom. But they are provided a seat in the Parent’s Gallery near the Nursery Class for one or two days initially.

Is separate admission procedure required for KG child to go to school?
No, from KG students are promoted to Grade 1.
What to do to process transport facility for students?

Admission of a child to the school does not assure transport facility. To avail transport facility a separate application to be submitted to the transport department and the location map is to be attached. This application is to be submitted at least three days prior to the day desired to begin in the school bus.

Is it possible to shift the location of transport in the middle of the academic year?
Transport location shift is allowed against availability only up on a separate application well in advance of the shift commencement.

What are the office hours?
School: 7.00am to 3.00 pm & 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. KG 6.30 am to 2.30 pm & 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Can tuition fee be paid monthly?
Three installments per annum (term wise) and nine installments per annum (monthly but excluding vacation months) are available.

Is there any discount for annual payment of fee?
4% discount on annual fee is available if paid before first term due date.

Is there any discount available for group admission from single family?
50% of the tuition fee will be discounted for third child of same father and mother only.

How do parents communicate in case of long leaves required for their children?
The leave application can be sent to the office by mail. Please refer contact us for mail id.

When caution deposit is refunded to parents?
Caution deposit can be refunded to parents within 15 days after the removal application.

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