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NIS(Preparatory) - Trip to FBQ Museum (June, 2016)

The Students of NIS visited the FBQ Museum as part of Educational trip where they explored various things like old model cars, weapons, wooden boats etc.

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Date and Time : 5th June, 2016

Location : Dukhan, Doha, Qatar

NIS(KG) - Trip to Doha Toys Town (May,2016)

The NIS toddlers of Grade-1 went out on a field trip to Doha Toys Town.....
The Children spent the day with their friends and teachers in a fun-filled environment. On the whole, the trip was full of thrill, frolic and astonishment !!!!!!

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Date and Time : 23rd May, 2016

Location : Doha Toys Town, Doha, Qatar

NIS(Primary) - Trip to Jungle Zone, Hyatt Plaza, 2016

The NIS - Primary Students went out on a field trip to Jungle Zone at Hyatt Plaza.... Stepping into Jungle Zone Park was like being whisked away on a jet plane, deep into a jungle filled with roller coasters, amusement park rides and many more. The colourful world of Jungle Zone made the kids feel the excitement of stepping into a carnival.....

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Date and Time : 21st May, 2016

Location : Jungle Zone, Hyatt Plaza

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