The school week is Sunday through Thursday, from 7:00 am to 1:30 p.m. During hot weather the hall is designated as a supervised cool zone where children can play under supervision. Staff is on duty at all times during breaks.

Children have supervised eating time with their teacher before play time. They need sufficient food with them to get through the day. So, they should be provided a healthy lunch box with a piece of fruit, sandwich and juice. Please do not include fizzy drinks or chocolate. Filtered water is available in the playground. Drinking throughout the day is encouraged to prevent dehydration.

Parents should take care of the regular attendance of their wards. In case of absence, parents are required to report it to the class teacher or the section head.

We believe that punctuality is very important and late coming disturbs the regular programme of the school. So, we do not encourage late coming.

We value the relationship we have with our parent body and our aim is to provide for the well being of your child. Therefore we request all parents to establish a regular communication with the school. Parents can meet the teacher concerned during the stipulated hours. However, if there is concern, principal or the teacher concerned is available on appointment or phone.

The school does not hold birthday parties for children. We request that birthday cakes and treats should not be sent to school.


  • Wearing uniforms during school hours is compulsory .And should be strictly in accordance with the pattern provided by the school. Designs, lines, art, writings, patching or picture on pants or shirts are not allowed. No low waist pants and alteration in stitching uniforms. Shirt buttons should not be kept open and the shirt to be trucked in properly. Belt to be worn tightly and visible. Tattooing and using coloured contact lens is prohibited.
  • Uniform irregularity will be strictly adhered.
  • During ceremonial day (Sunday) and other important activity days students should wear blazers, no matter the climatic conditions.
  • Shirt buttons should not be kept open and the shirt to be tucked in properly. Belts to be worn tightly and visibly.
  • Girl students should tie their hair in a single plait with white ribbons.
  • Jewelry, fancy ornaments, hairclips and oversized watches etc. are not permitted in the school
  • Mobile phones, walk man, I-pods, I-Pads, MP3 players, laptops, magazines, cameras, toys etc. are not permitted in the school campus


  • Students should bring their house T-shirts provided by the school during P.ET days and have to change in the particular period.
  • Students are not permitted to enter the ground without sports kit for P.ET and club activity day.  




Blue-Stripes Shirt-Half Sleeves

Blue-Stripes Shirt – Half Sleeves

Navy blue trousers

Navy blue pinafore

School Belt

School Belt

White socks

White socks, White ribbon / White hair band

Black shoes (Only formal wear)

Black shoes (Only formal wear)

House colour T-shirts with school logo on the chest pocket. (to be worn on PT days)

House colour T-shirts with school logo on the chest pocket. (to be worn on PT days)

White Shoes (to be worn on PT days)

White Shoes (to be worn on PT days)

Dark blue blazer with school logo

Dark blue blazer with school logo

Navy blue sweater and Navy  blue woolen Cap

Navy blue sweater and Navy  blue woolen Cap

The school provides transport for the pupils to reach the school from inside and outside Doha.

TRANSPORT POLICY “Safety First is Safety Always”

Students can avail the school transport on extra payment. The routes of school vans/ buses are drawn up and the parents should consult the school office for necessary details. The transportation fee will be charged based on the distance travelled by the operational bus route.

Bus facility by the school is subject to feasibility of the bus route and availability of vacancy in the buses. The suitability of the route will depend on load factor, distance and road conditions. Students will be collected as near to their home as possible. However, they may have to walk a ‘reasonable’ distance to meet the transport.


Parents are requested to submit a written request for every withdrawals.
Withdrawal forms can be had from the office.

One month’s notice, prior to the commencement of the new term, is required for withdrawal of the child from the school/discontinuation of school transport.

If not Irrespective of the month in which the child is withdrawn/stops using school transport, tuition/transport fees for the full term needs to be paid.

The Caution Deposit is refundable within 15 working days from the date of submission of application along with the original receipt.

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