Oh my God, the origin of knowledge
Bless my studies, enlighten my mind, strengthen my memory
and direct my will towards what is right.
Grant me the grace to seek the truth always
and make me truly wise, give me the gift of knowledge
and the grace to use it wisely.



In pursuit of the high ideals and
rigorous standards of academic life.
I commit myself to respect and to
uphold the Noble International School Honour System;
To live out a commitment to integrity in all my words and actions;
To be honest in every academic endeavour;
And to conduct myself honourably,
as a responsible member of the Noble International School
as we gain knowledge together.
To live out the ideals of great deeds,
I commit myself to be a person for others in my daily life,
respectful of difference and disagreement;
To care for this venerable campus
and all of those with whom I share it;
and to fulfil in all ways the trust placed
in me to carry on the legacy of our school.

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